Selfie Drones

If you are stuck in the problem and thinking that a drone can take a selfie then here you can get all your answers regarding selfie drones.

Some of the details about best selfie drones all over the world:

Drone technology is the technology which tremendously flourished in last few years. Some of the best selfie drones and their features are as follow:

Foldable selfie drone:

A foldable selfie drone is a new trend and design rage with drones and quadcopters these days. The two big companies 900-pound gorillas and GoPro launched their version of foldable drone. GoPro, considered as the first which launched the selfie drone.

  • This drone has the arms which are the reason why they can be fold.
  • The foldable drone can fly and allows you to control it by installing its app on your smartphone. This thing clears that it is way easier to travel even for an absolute beginner than our thought.

1-DJI Mavic Foldable Selfie Drone:

Features of Mavic drone are

  • Mavic is considered as the best selfie drone among the category of this type of drones.
  • DJI can be flown even without using a controller that is this drone if entirely It is a unique innovation in the feature of drone technology which makes it far better than all other drones.
  • This best foldable drone has a fantastic camera and a great battery life which helps it in taking longer flights.
  • The software used in it is quite different from other drones’ as this asks you to choose the subject first then allows you to take flight.
  • The sensors in the front face of this drone give it the ability to look obstacles and other hurdles from forwarding
  • DJI is small and easy to carry due to its foldable design.

2- Wingsland S6

The S6 is the nano drone of the selfie drone world, it is the tiniest 4K drone on the market today, as it on weighs 230 grams with the battery clicked in.

  • Battery safe return to home
  • 4K camera
  • selfie mode
  • 4 attachments that click into the top
  • cheap batteries
  • looks amazing

Wingsland also has a few other drones for sale which should make it into the drone market successfully

3-Zerotech Dobby Selfie Drone:

  • This drone is no less than the first in this list of selfie drones. Some of its features prove its place in this list of selfie type drones, and these features are as follow:
  • First foldable, the small drone which started to sell out in the market.
  • Dobby is so small that anyone can confuse between the pill and the Dobby drone because of its weight which is also less than half a pound.
  • Zerotech has HD camera of 13 MP which can shoot stills at 4K resolution and give ultra HD videos.
  • The front camera of this drone is better than your smartphone camera.
  • Dobby is powered by 2.3 quad-core Snapdragon chipset with 2GB RAM. This feature makes it far good and better than other foldable selfie drones.

4-Hover Camera Passport Selfie Drone:

Hover recently created a buzz with the modern technology of drone. Some of its features are unique, and you will be unable to find these features in other selfie type drones which are stated as below:

  • The whole body of Hover Camera Passport selfie drone is just like a book.
  • Hover is entirely controlled and monitored by installing the app in your smartphones.
  • Camera Passport has the high-quality camera of 13MP which captures and shoots the high definition videos, and it can be resolute them to 4K.

The range of flight of this selfie drone is just 300ft.


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